How To Design An Online Marketing Strategy For A Real Estate Business

Designing an online marketing strategy is a task that requires a lot of time to research and a lot of time to design something that fits with the goals you have with your real estate business. For you not to miss anything, this article will show you the checklist in designing an online marketing strategy for your business.

Actions before designing a strategy. A strategy is how the marketing and your business objectives work. Keep your strategy very clear so that you can then prepare something that is entirely adapted to your situation.

Budget. In addition to having clear what you want, it is also suggested to have a clear budget plan to execute your strategy, even if it is a just approximate. There are strategies that work a lot, but they require a lot of investment. When talking about a budget, you can also count the most qualitative part besides the quantitative, for example:

  • Hours available with your marketing team
  • Tools available to design and implement your strategy
  • Available resources, for instance: Blog
  • Budget for strategy creation
  • Budget for implementation and distribution of content strategy

Although it seems a lie, having a low budget makes the best ideas come up, so do not be intimidated if you have a small one.

Analysis of your situation. Make an analysis of what you have or have achieved with your business previous actions before you start to create new things. Maybe your strategy is based on improving what you have, but you will not know if you do will not undergo this stage.

On the other hand, you will have to analyze other things such as:

  • Your environment
  • Your competition activities
  • Public

Although each business has its default target, not all strategies are for the general public, here are some examples:

  • Marketing Objective – Capture new customers in your online store
  • Strategy – Implement Facebook Ads to bring potential customers to the web
  • Public – Targeting with parameters of the business but only for those who are not customers and perhaps not interested in your business.

Another example would be the following:

  • Marketing Objective – Increase sales of current customers
  • Strategy – Deploy Facebook Ads to store customers
  • Audience – A campaign aimed exclusively at users who are customers (with customizable Facebook audiences, you can import your clients’ emails and thus focus that marketing campaign on them only).

Part of the plan is to contact related partners for your real estate business like contacting Attorneys’ Title Services for your clients when they successfully decided to acquire a new property. Some questions to consider when designing a strategy:

  • Do you think that your strategy will connect with your audience and get conversions?
  • Basically, do you think they will share those contents or simply click to know more?
  • Is the budget you have is enough, or could you do it with less investment?
  • Does the strategy you have designed have metrics to help you with conversion analysis? It is extremely critical that you understand how to analyze the ROI of your strategy.
  • Do you have a team capable of executing your strategy?
  • Is your strategy adapted to the current situation of your business and the environment in general?
  • Are you 100% sure that your strategy helps meet your marketing objectives?
  • Is the conversion site for your strategy optimized? For example, if you want to improve your sales target you will have to make this increase by having an online store.
  • Is your strategy focused on one or multiple channels? No matter what your decision is, there are strategies for a single channel. The problem is when they are multiple channels and you are also following them, that doesn’t a good idea at all.
  • Is the copy of your strategy clear and concise? You have to understand very well what you want to transmit, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get a good conversion.
  • Do you have many ways to communicate your strategy? Forget to limit yourself to only one type of content, you will have to try to generate different styles to get your message across.
  • Have you saved a budget to distribute the content of your strategy?
  • Do you have a way to monitor your strategy every day to see if it is working? It is important that you have the equipment to monitor your sales.
  • Is your strategy really relevant?
  • Is your strategy focused on your business or the public? If you want to have more chances to succeed, it is recommended that you concentrate on the public.
  • Is it really what you need or rather what you would like to have but could you wait?

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