Key Advantages Of WordPress For SEO

WordPress is currently one of the most complete, versatile and popular CMS (content management systems) that can be used for free today, allowing you to create blogs or web pages for any company, even for online stores. This CMS is becoming very useful especially to SEO companies. It became an SEO friendly CMS that benefits SEO professionals. Positioning in search engines is essential for any person or company that wants to have its website, and it is there where you should get the main advantages of WordPress for SEO.

This CMS is recognized, apart from the immense variety of plugins that allow you to have almost infinite functionalities, to have a great result to search engines, possibly being the content management system that offers better SEO options. Thanks to plugins like Yoast SEO which comes in free and paid version. It is really easy for those who do not have much experience in web positioning, use at least basic settings that allow you to gain some good positions in the search results.

But then, what are the main advantages of WordPress for SEO? Nowadays, most Jacksonville SEO agency uses WordPress. With this, this article will show some of the things that can be done when you have created a site with this CMS and that search engines like Google will look very good. However, it should be clarified that a complete SEO strategy goes far beyond the options offered by the content management system with which the site was built. It is much more complex, and the best alternative will always be to consult with a national SEO company so that you can get the result you want of the subject. Many SEO experts produce good result especially in positioning a website on the first page of Google.

Main Advantages of WordPress for SEO


WordPress is an open source system, so it is regularly making its improvements for better performance, security, and functionality. However, to be an official part of the updates that are made, they must comply with a large number of standards that allow a well-structured, clean and trustworthy code. All search engines, including Google, always appreciate sites that are well structured.

Individual optimization of entries and pages

To achieve a better web positioning, each URL of a website must be optimized independently. The different WordPress SEO plugins not only allow this but can even generate an alert when you are wanting to optimize two pages of the same site with the same keyword, which can be considered a mistake since it is a way of putting compete two URLs from the same site for the same search term.

Optimizing images

Positioning an image with a particular keyword can help generate a lot of traffic for a website. With WordPress, it is possible to optimize each of the images that are uploaded to the page, taking into account tags like ALT and TITLE. It also allows optimizing image tag for social networks.


Permanent links, also known as Permalinks; Are no more than those permanent URLs of each of the internal pages of a website. Having these links allows search engines to make a better ranking of each page by making use of keywords that are within them. This is undoubtedly one of the main benefits of using WordPress for SEO.

Permanent updates

We all know that Google always changes its SEO rules through its algorithms. Just as WordPress receives constant updates of security and functionality, so do all of its plugins, including SEO. This allows you to keep up with all the requirements related to web positioning, which is very important when you want to achieve keywords that can remain in privileged positions for a long time.

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