How Marketing Can Help You Standout

Currently, there is such a glut, and there are so many choices and product ranges, which are not easily accessible to consumers. There are various alternatives on the market and this only means that brands have occupied the gaps that existed, positioning regarding price, quality and value differentiators. It is also no longer necessary to invest in a strong advertising campaign. Huge market competitors spent years performing them and consumers have well-established brand values. Each customer has chosen the name and related to them that best meets their needs.

On the other hand, consumers are increasingly busy and do not want to invest their time listening to new brands. Why should they change, if they already have useful products? Typically, they will not take a risk buying new products.

After reflecting on this situation, Seth Godin and his book “The Purple Cow” comes to mind. That is, in a meadow full of white cows with black spots, a purple cow will catch all the attention. Godin’s proposed strategy, creating excellent products, seems to be one of the possible solutions to the enormous oversupply that exists.

The only way to build excellent products is through innovation. The aforementioned marketing strategy will help you create new competitive advantages. You will get a distinct identity from your competitors and create a unique value proposition for your consumers.

In addition to a marketing strategy based on innovation you get, as a result, creating a product out of the ordinary, will make customers talk and disseminate your product.

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